Keeping you connected when it matters most.

Staying connected while you’re living with dementia can be tough – we’re here to help.

What is Family Phone?

Family Phone is a video calling app with safety features. It helps people living with dementia stay connected, stay well, and maintain their identity, through our intuitive and accessible touch-screen technology.

Through one simple app you can chat with your family and alert them if you or your loved ones need help.  You can even change the way the app looks and feels to suit your needs, and you can add and remove functionality including safety features to make sure you stay in full control.

The problem

If you’re living with dementia, video calling can be tricky and smartphones can be complicated and overwhelming. To make matters worse, the technology you rely on to notify your loved ones if something goes wrong can be clunky and unreliable.


Download the Family Phone App to everyone’s phone in your family network.You only need one monthly subscription for four people in your family network.


One member of your family network will set up the Subscription Account. They’ll be given a unique ID to connect with the rest of the family network. In the meantime, you can enter your details and your favourite photos so your family can easily tell it’s you calling.


Once you’ve got your family network set up, you can easily make and receive video calls.

Why use Family Phone?

Easily make & receive calls

Our app is designed with accessibility in mind. Our design makes it easier to make and receive video calls. Unlike other smartphone apps, there are no small, fiddly buttons to press and no need for complicated movements like swiping the screen.

Recognise your contacts

Sometimes it can be tricky to recognise names and faces. That’s why we’ve created an image carousel, where you can add up to three rotating photos which can help aid recognition. We’ve also added extra phonebook style features so you can make a note of names, nicknames, relationships, or whatever else helps you recognise who is calling.

Closed group

Through the unique ID that is generated when a subscription account is created you are able to keep the group closed. That means no unexpected contacts, no cold calling through the app, and a maximum of three contacts, keeping things simple and secure.

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Want to learn more?

Read through our Set Up Guide, Support & FAQ or contact us with any questions.

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