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Keeping families living with dementia connected, independent and resilient.

We are here for people with dementia

We understand the difficulties families living with dementia can have staying in touch using phones and tablets, and the feeling of stress that this can cause.

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We are here for carers

We understand caring for someone can be hard. People can feel unsupported, a loss of identity and have constant worry if they are not able to contact or be contacted by the family they are caring for. 

How we help

We have specially designed a customisable video calling app. To make it easier for people living with dementia to stay in touch with family and carers, using their current touch screen phone or tablet.

Carers can connect with people having similar experiences, find local and national support through our directory and have peace of mind that they are able to stay in touch with those they are caring for. 

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How we support carers

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